About Dx4 Solutions

Richard Dixon is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Tennessee. He was previously listed as a Measurement Professional with EPA and as a Residential Measurement Service Provider with NEHA and NSRB. He is certified as a Quality Assurance Lead Auditor under NQA-1, and has over 33 years experience in the nuclear industry, including nuclear power plant design with the Tennessee Valley Authority and as a contractor with the Department of Energy performing engineering, radioactive packaging and transportation support, and quality assurance support. He has been instrumental in developing self-assessment and quality assurance programs for several DOE and private organizations. He has personally performed over 250 quality audits, assessments, and surveillances.

Cathy Dixon is a technical communications consultant. Her skills include writing, editing, web design, technical illustration, graphic design, art direction, and video editing. She has designed and maintains web sites for non-profit organizations and private companies. As a contractor with the Department of Energy, she has provided quality assurance support to the radioactive material packaging and transportation program; web site user documentation, acceptance testing, and requirements documents for several programs supported by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information; and numerous training modules, business development materials, posters, and presentations.

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